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About us

divorce can be a challenging moment in the life of a couple, especially when minor children are involved. The process itself can become even more complicated in the case in which the parties do not get along on the manner in which their assets should be divided and other financial aspects, such alimony, but also on the terms related to the children’s custody

Although the legislation on divorce in Spain was modified in 2015, providing simpler and more efficient procedures for divorcing couples, in practice, the spouses will still have to deal with various legal aspects during an unsettling period in one’s life. Here, our divorce lawyer in Spain can be of assistance, by presenting the legal steps involved in the divorce, based on the characteristics of the case. 

Who can be your divorce lawyer in Spain? 

If you are interested in separation in Spain you can easily address to one of the lawyers representing Lexidy Law Boutique SLP, a law firm that is specialized in numerous areas of law, including family law. The law firm is represented by its founder, Federico Richardson Alborna, a Spanish lawyer who is registered with the Barcelona Bar Association

Federico Richardson Alborna, the founder of Lexidy Law Boutique SLP, is prepared to provide legal assistance to both local and foreign clients. His legal expertise is related to real estate legislation and corporate law, but he can also represent persons who want to divorce in Spain. Considering his expertise in the real estate law, those who need to divide their assets during a divorce can request information from our lawyer on how their assets should be divided in this case. Foreigners who are married to a local citizen and who do not speak Spanish can address to our lawyer, as he can provide legal advice in English as well. 

Clients who want to divorce in Spain can also reach out to Antonio Torres Valdés, one of the lawyers representing Lexidy Law Boutique SLP. He is specialized in areas of law such as corporate law, real estate law and immigration law. Foreigners who married a Spanish national can request legal advice on the rights they will still have once the divorce is finalized on matters such as nationality, the right of residing in Spain and other similar legal matters. Our lawyer speaks Spanish, French and English and thus, he can easily provide legal assistance to clients fluent in these languages. 

Laura Fusté is from Barcelona. She started her law career with a law degree from the University of Barcelona and since then she has been working in various law firms to develop her career. Laura had the opportunity to spend four months in Nepal as a volunteer, during her studies, which developed her interest in international relations and Immigration Law. Now at Lexidy, she is part of the Immigration Department. She is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. The support of Laura Fusté at Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is recommended to international clients looking for professionalism.

How can we represent our clients in divorce matters in Spain?

As presented earlier, our clients can be represented in various legal matters related to divorce. It must be noted that, prior to a divorce, the parties should try the procedure of separation in Spain, which is a step that has a set of legal implications, but which does not has the same effect as the divorce has. Our divorce lawyer in Spain can provide legal representation in the following matters: 

  • annulments – a legal procedure through which a marriage in Spain is annulled (in 2018, there were only 92 annulments);
  • separations – the separation in Spain can be requested by both spouses or by a single one (in 2018, Spain registered 4,098 separations);
  • divorce – a divorce can be resolved through a sentence or through public deed or decree (in 2018, the total number of divorces was of 95,254 cases, showing a small decrease than in 2017);
  • custody – the legal procedure through which the parent is granted with the right of guardship of the child (in 2018, 33,8% of all the divorce cases ended with shared custody);
  • alimony – a procedure through one of the parents (the non-custodial parent) is obliged to pay a sum of money for the upbringing of the child (in 68% of the cases with different-sex parents the alimony was assigned to the father). 

With an in-depth experience in various fields regulating family matters, our divorce lawyer in Spain has an approach that is not only limited to the legal side of the case, but also to its human nature, understanding that a divorce generally implies a set of negative emotions that can be expressed by both parties, especially in the cases in which the spouses have not ended their marriage on the best terms. 

Thus, our lawyer is prepared to handle all types of situations and can help the client by explaining what the best approach is for his or her particular case and then, represent the person during the court formalities. Our divorce lawyer in Spain can offer professional assistance on various legal aspects such as the division of assets, the rights and the obligations of the spouses after a divorce, the obligations of the spouses for raising their children after the divorce and other associated aspects. 

Persons interested in divorce in Spain and other legal matters related to it are invited to contact our divorce lawyer for professional advice. Our divorce lawyer in Spain is ready to offer tailored advice and information on any client inquiry related to the family law.